Software Developments

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. CRM systems are designed to compile information on customers across different channels — or points of contact between the customer and the company — which could include the company’s website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials and social media.

Custom Mobile Application

In today’s competitive business world, mobile applications plays an intricate role in creating competitive advantage. Businesses, generally have different processes and different methodologies. The software solution that works for one business may not work as effectively for your businesses. Instead of changing the business practices that are already streamlined, it makes a perfect sense for a business to go for the tailor-made or custom mobile application development. Custom mobile application development is nothing but the software made or application developed as per the requirements of the client applicable for that particular business’ needs.

Integrated Inventory Management

Real time control & accurate forecasts to manage procurement. Inventory app automatically inputs any transaction from the POS in the stock. You can see in real time the availability of products without losing time. Furthermore, the POS is compatible with New wings Technologies ecommerce. You won’t need to setup separate stocks for the two apps and be a truly multi-channel business without headache.

Purchasing Management System

Easily manage suppliers & purchase orders, automatically send RfQs to your suppliers based on your stocks levels, improve your purchase and inventory performance with procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders, etc. Select different replenishment methods for each product depending on your manufacturing and delivery strategies.

Point of Sale

User-friendly Point of Sale, Compatible with any device, set up new stores quickly and easily with just an internet connection. Then use your Point of Sale everywhere, anytime. While an internet connection is required to start the Point of Sale, it will stay operational even after complete disconnection.

Accounting Software

Get your bank statements synced with your bank automatically, or import files. Create sharp and professional invoices, manage recurring billings, and easily track payments. Control supplier invoices and get a clear forecast of your future bills to pay. Save time and automate 95% of reconciliation with our smart reconciliation tool .